N0WL – FT-817 Anderson PowerPole Adapter

I placed a bulk order with Jon N0WL for his nifty 3D printed FT-817 PowerPole adpater.  The bulk order was made for members of the VK1 SOTA group.   Today, Wednesday 29 Nov 17 the parcel arrived from the US, 7 days after placing the order, that’s great service.  🙂

As most FT-817 owners know the DC power socket is a design feature that frustrates many.   It’s very easy to dislodge the DC connector, moreover due to frequent use and movement (vibration) the DC socket is known to separate from the PC board. IMHO Jon’s inovative solution is brilliant.  😉

N0WL – FT-817 Anderson PowerPole Adapter

N0WL FT-817 Anderson PowerPole Adapter Kit

N0WL – FT-817 Anderson PowerPole Adapter

Remove the radio’s earth screw, place the adapter in place and secure with the delivered screw.  No more accidental DC barrel connector ‘falling out’ of the radio’s power socket.

FT-817 rear panel

N0WL – FT-817 PowerPole adapter secured in place

N0WL – FT-817 Anderson PowerPole adapter


6 thoughts on “N0WL – FT-817 Anderson PowerPole Adapter

  1. I’ve seen those on eBay Andrew. Very innovative and a perfect application for a 3D printer. A problem that needed to be solved that was too small to be addressed by the manufacturer, not overly complex nor overly expensive, a reasonably sized market to service, and global marketing readily available via websites and eBay. The CAD work is the hard part and doesn’t really pay off unless you intend to make a lot of something as in this case.

    I need to get one for my 817,



  2. Hi Andrew you cant do without them I buy them in big batches too don’t buy the expensive Crimper you can buy the jaw sets very cheap to do all the Anderson gauge sizes
    and save quite a bit
    cheers Rod

    • Hi Rod, this adapter mounts to the rear of the 817 and incorporates standard Anderson PowerPoles. I have a separate bag of PowerPoles too. 73 Andrew VK1AD

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