My SOTA Companion Retires

My ever-reliable ‘hasn’t missed a beat in 5 years’ SOTA workhorse is retiring in the next two weeks.  😦    With 106,000 km on the dial and 5 years of SOTA travels under the bonnet, it’s time to say farewell to the 2012 Skoda 4×4 2-litre diesel Yeti.  Wow what a wonderful car the Skoda Yeti has been for me, if it wasn’t for a lack of clearance under the chassis and medium profile tires the Yeti would have stayed by my side.  The under chassis clearance means careful dodging of boulders and wheel ruts.  🙂      I have taken this medium-size diesel workhorse to places in south-east Australia where it’s European designers would have been surprised to see it.  One 4WD track in particular cost me two new front tires $$$.  Farewell Yeti, it’s been 5 year of fantastic travels around south-east VK.

I will introduce my new SOTA 4×4 companion on it’s arrival.  In the meantime here are some photos of the retiring Skoda ‘SOTA’ Yeti..

Photos: © Copyright 2018 Andrew VK1AD

Winter Yeti

Mt Coree – serious 4×4 drivers commented ‘wow how the hell did you get the Yeti up here?’    😮

Mt Coree Yeti

Supporting VK1 WICEN events on 2m


In Victoria VK3

Hot Summer Yeti

HF Yeti

Parked off Boboyan Road, Namadgi National Park (VK1)

Snowman Yeti

4 thoughts on “My SOTA Companion Retires

  1. It was as a result of joint activations in your Skoda that I decided to buy one for my SOTA work, Andrew. And I bought a white one too,. No regrets. Fantastic vehicle and such fun to drive. My wife loves driving it too. She hasn’t missed her Mazda RX8 one bit either. The Yeti is our only car now.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I enjoyed my ride in the Yeti on one of our excursions when Paul and I attended the
    WIA AGM and we were fortunate to take in some peaks courtesy of you and Andrew, VK1AD. The memory will stay for as long as I live: I hope.
    73 John D

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