Antenna Project – 2.4 GHz 13cm Yagi for SOTA

Of interest to my SOTA and VHF/UHF readers. My first attempt at a homebrew 20el 2.4 GHz DL6WU yagi.

VK1 SOTA on 1.2 and 2.4 GHz

I recently purchased a 13cm transverter from SG-Lab.  I have constructed a 13cm Bi-Quad antenna for use on local suburban SOTA summits, however I will need a high gain 2.4 GHz antenna for SOTA activations 100+ km from Canberra, but not one as bulky as a Grid-pack antenna or parabolic dish. I have decided to construct a 20 element 2.4 GHz (DL6WU format) yagi. I used VK5DJ’s Yagi Calculator software to generate yagi element dimensions, tolerance is a BIG fat Zero +/- mm. Boom material is wood 18 mm square Western Red Cedar, very stable material. When finished the boom will be coated with a generous coating of Cabothane, hard wearing waterproof clear timber varnish.

I am using the same construction technique as I did for the 12el 23cm (1296 MHz) Yagi. Reflector and driven elements are 3.1 mm aluminium rod, I have a 2 metre length on hand…

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