12 volt 4-Way PowerPole distribution box

This morning I assembled a SOTABeams 4-Way 12 volt PowerPole connector box. This little beauty will form part of my SOTA kit.

The SOTABeams kit includes all parts, plastic case and a lazer-cut front panel.

Assembly time is approximately 30 minutes including time to make a mug of tea.

Until now I have used a simple parallel wire arrangement. In case you are wondering, I do use a separate inline fuse assembly.

SOTABEAMS 12V 4-Way PowerPole connector box kit

existing homebrew wire arrangement between a fuse assembly and radio equipment

In-line fuse protection

Portable 12 volt power distribution

Published: 27 March 2018

2 thoughts on “12 volt 4-Way PowerPole distribution box

  1. I also have one of those, Andrew. I swear by it, not only out in the field but also in the shack. Great bit of kit.

  2. Hello Andrew
    A neat and useful little project. I have the same box. My only comment on the SOTA beams plastic is that it is a bit fragile. I damaged a balun when a quid pole collapsed. However, what was good was that I used an ordinary ‘super glue’ to repair it and it is fine. Some of the plastic compounds seem to respond to gluing and others need special adhesives.
    John D

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