SOTA – Tumorrama Hill

Saturday 4 May 2019. Earlier today I activated Mount Tumorrama VK2/SW-027 followed by Billapaloola State Forest VK2/SW-034. I’ve been trying to activate Tumorrama Hill since 2014 where on previous attempts my efforts were thwarted by forestry logging operations in an adjacent pine forest. With two summits under my belt, I am making my way to Tumorrama Hill for a third attempt at accessing the summit, this time I am hopeful for an absence of trucks, bulldozers and chainsaws. My plan is to be on the summit by 0300 UTC / 1300h local.

Tumorrama Hill 948 metres ASL VK2/SW-036. The ascent is 75 vertical metres over an easygoing 450 metre scrub bash taking 15 minutes to reach the summit. The summit is accessible from Lee Archers Road via Brindabella Road.

Tumorrama Hill GPS track log starting from a fire trail off Lee Archers Road
Tumorrama Hill track profile
Tumorrama Hill track data

It’s just gone 12:30 midday, I have arrived at the edge of the eucalypt forest covering Tumorrama Hill. In the photo you can see a cleared area which outlines the former pine forest.

Car parked on the edge of the eucalypt forest
view to the summit
View north-west looking back down the hill through this beautiful eucalypt forest
Icom IC-703 at 10 watts feeding a ZS6BKW antenna
Beautiful summit surrounds. My 9m telescopic pole is supported by a fallen tree branch.

Extract of VK1AD SOTA Activator Log: Tumorrama Hill 4 May 2019

Today HF propagation conditions are very poor. My default operating frequency is 3.620 MHz for stations within a radius of 500 km. 7 MHz revealed contacts out to 1000 to 1500 km while 20m offered Dx contacts with stations in New Zealand.

My one and only Summit to Summit (S2) contact was with Matt VK1MA/P on 146.5 MHz FM at Mt Ginini VK1/AC-008 at 1760 metres ASL, 47 km south-east. Thanks Matt!

02:59zVK6MB/33.5MHzSSBMike s59 r55
03:01zVK3PF3.5MHzSSBPeter s59 r41
03:03zVK1MCW3.5MHzSSBBill s59 r59
03:07zVK2IO7MHzSSBGerard s59 r56
03:09zVK5IS7MHzSSBIan s59 r55
03:13zZL1TM14MHzSSBAndri s58 r53
03:15zZL3QR14MHzSSBs52 r58
03:24zVK4TJ7MHzSSBJohn s58 r51
03:51zVK1MA/P144MHzFMMatt s53 r53 S2S VK1/AC-008 47 km 146.5 FM