Microwave work

If you follow my 23 and 13cm blog you will know I enjoy activating SOTA peaks on 1296 MHz and 2.4 GHz, the lower end of the radio microwave spectrum. https://vk1sotaon23cm.wordpress.com/

Today’s adventure is to cast light in my microwave oven. Two weeks ago my 2.4 GHz Sharp microwave oven globe packed it in, bugger! How do you replace a 240 volt 25 watt globe which isn’t accessible from the inside of the oven? Good question..

Note – Follow the below instructions at your own risk. If you are not mechanically competent do not continue. If your appliance is covered by a warranty period then call a microwave oven technician or return the appliance to the manufacturer’s repair agent.

Start by disconnecting the oven from the wall power socket, mains power source. Remove the power plug from the wall power socket. Next and assuming you are confident, remove the appliance outer case to expose the light fitting. If you are lucky the case may be secured with phillips head screws. Do not open the case while the appliance is connected to a live power source. Again make sure the power lead is removed from the mains power source.

Remove the light fitting and globe, note the cable colour placement at the housing spade connectors. Replace the blown globe with a new unit and reconnect the globe spade connectors.

Do not connect the oven to the mains power source. Next place the outer case on the appliance and secure with the supplied screws. Now you can test the operation of the globe by first connecting the microwave oven to the power socket then open the door. If the new globe fails to illuminate the issue is more complex. Contact a microwave oven technician.

New 240 volt 25 watt microwave oven globe. The globe and the plastic housing are a sealed unit. I guess a screw mounted globe would vibrate loose and eventually fall out of the socket.

New 240 volt 25 watt globe and mount combined with male spades

Disconnect the appliance from the power source. Repeat disconnect the appliance from the power source.

Remove the outer case to expose the globe mounting socket.

Globe mount. Note the cable colour placement before removing the spent globe. I forgot to take the photo of the globe in the plastic mount. It’s the same as the photo two down (below).
Tabs to secure the globe plastic base plate
New globe mounted in the housing. Tabs are folded down to secure the globe plastic base plate. Reconnect the globe power cables to the male spades. Make sure the power cables are secure and not loose.

Next, remove all tools from the oven and place the outer case on the appliance and secure with all mounting screws. Do not connect the mains power cable whilst the cover is off! Double check and triple check the outer case is secured.

After securing the appliance outer case, reconnect the mains power cable.

With the mains power connected, check the operation of the door switch.