Raspberry Pi 3 Plus operating PiAware 1090 MHz

Just finished setting up a new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ configured with PiAware 1090 MHz ADS-B tracking software.

Tracking Bomber 165 over a fire in Namadgi National Park, which started around 1400h today.

Tracking bomber 165
Raspberry Pi 3 operating PiAware, RTL-SDR and RF pre-amplifier
View from Mt Stromlo of the fire in Namadgi NP at 1510h today

2 am – callsign FireScan is undertaking a survey from 30,000 ft.

FireScan123 undertaking a survey at 0155h 28 Jan 20

Radpberry Pi 3 B+ purchased from a local dealer for $59. 1090 MHz antennas are a homebrew 1/4 ground plane and a 1/2 wave vertical dipole, both connected to a RF splitter/combiner followed by a RF amplifier. I have a 1090 MHz bandpass filter on order. 🤗 .


4 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi 3 Plus operating PiAware 1090 MHz

  1. Sadly this is something that here in Belgium we are not allowed to do, listening to the aircraft frequencies is strictly forbidden. I think it’s a little silly when we can easily access flight tracking in real time on the Internet and I think the regulations need to be changed but… these things take time. Hope you are not having too many difficulties Andrew with the fires.

    • Hi Stephen, gosh that’s awfull. How would the authorities know? I love going to airshows, listening to the pilots and ground controllers. It must be illegal to sell AM receivers covering the aircraft band. Most VHF ham gear covers 118 to 136 MHz. Listening to aircraft is a favourite past time.

      • Hi Andrew, well I guess they would never know haha.. but hams have had gear confiscated when controlled by the licensing authority here. They have frequencies saved in their portable radios that shouldn’t be ie aircraft frequencies. There are air shows here at certain military bases where you can meet the pilots etc. They are very well attended but there are not so many like in England. All our ham gear covers the band obviously haha 😂

  2. Piaware is great. I was running it along with FlightRadar24. With FlightRadar24 they give out a Business Account when you set up their ADSB pi. They say the Business account is about USD $400 each year.

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