Raspberry Pi – PiAware ADS-B Antenna Location

I have moved my homebrew ADS-B 1090 MHz 1/4 wave ground plane antenna from indoors to outdoors above my garage roof. The Raspberry Pi SDR running PiAware is now located within three metres of the ADS-B antenna. The coax cable feedline is low loss 50 ohm RG58 Cell Foil approximate three metres in length.

I live in a valley and my view of the RF horizon is attenuated by Mt Taylor south-west, Oakey Hill west and Curtin Ridge north. The RF path south and south-east is excellent. 🙂

The Pi SDR is now receiving ADS-B signals out to:

  • 150 km North-west
  • 100 km North
  • 100 km North-east
  • 150 km East
  • 200 km South-east
  • 200 km South
  • 150 km South-west
  • 150 km West

Why as an amateur radio operator am I interested in tracking aircraft? Well I often participate in the VK1 VHF-UHF Dx net where stations attempt long distance 2m 144 MHz and 23cm 1296 MHz contacts with stations in VK2 and VK3 via Aircraft Enhancement (AE). Knowing which aircraft are en route along the Melbourne-Sydney and Sydney-Melbourne commercial routes, helps to identify opportunities to work VK2 and VK3 stations out to 500 km at VHF-UHF frequencies.

ADS-B 1090 MHz 1/4 Wave Ground Plane Antenna

The temporary mounting arrangement is a length of 27mm plastic water pipe with the 1090 MHz ADS-B GP antenna resting on top of the pipe. The coax feed line passes through the pipe. I agree, it’s not water proof.

Antenna construction is a N-type panel mount, 4 aluminium GP elements and a solid 2 mm copper active element. This is an interim arrangement while I construct a 1090 MHz collinear antenna.

VK1AD Desktop – ADS-B signal received from an aircraft at 220 km SSE – Sydney-Hobart route

My humble ADS-B 1090 MHz 1/4 wave ground plane antenna. I have sprayed the assembly with a generous coat of PCB enamel. So small but cute 🙂

VK1AD ADS-B 1/4 wave ground plane antenna
VK1AD 1090 MHz ADS-B antenna using a N-type panel mount
VK1AD – ADS-B 1090 MHz 1/4 wave ground plane antenna mounted 5 metres above ground level
Mobile Phone app – ADS-B signals SW at 150 km – Commercial aircraft operating along the Sydney-Melbourne route
Mobile Phone app – Raspberry Pi 3B+ PiAware SDR ADS-B signals over Canberra