Yaesu FT-890 – returns to the bench from retirement

My FT-890 is once again on the shack bench for more distinguished service. 3 years ago I foolishly boxed the radio for an early retirement, well it’s now back in service. I have to say the ‘warm’ audio quality on receive is better than my IC-7300 and the combined IF Notch & IF Shift deals with adjacent interference while the VFO controller is rock solid.

I purchased the FT-890 new from a Dick Smith electronics store in the early 90s for $1999.00, I think from the Ringwood, Vic store.

The FT-890 is a 100 watt HF all band transceiver with a general coverage receiver covering 100 kHz to 30 MHz. With the right antenna VLF reception is excellent, I have spent many hours chasing NDB beacons operating between 150 kHz and 500 kHz.

The FT-890 was way ahead of it’s time, almost cavalier with it’s 16bit CPU. As you can see all controls are on the front panel.

I will once again enjoy chasing SOTA and VKFF (Parks) and I may even take the 5.6 kg beast on a drive-up mountain SOTA activation this coming weekend at Webbs Ridge VK2/ST-005 🙂

Yaesu FT-890 – apologies for the blurred view of the S-meter. The reflection doesn’t help.


  • Tx Bands – 160 to 10m
  • 100 watts output in CW, SSB and FM modes. 25 watts output on AM.
  • Adjustable power output control
  • Speech Compressor
  • Mic Gain
  • VOX
  • Break-in CW
  • Electronic Keyer
  • Dual VFOs
  • Switchable Pre-amplifier
  • 30 dual VFO memories and 2 band edge memories
  • IF Notch
  • IF Shift
  • Noise Blanker
  • Attenuator
  • Integrated SWR, Power and ALC meter
  • 10m FM repeater programmable offset and tones