23cm 12el Yagi for SOTA

Hombrew 23 cm (1296 MHz) 12el Yagi

For details see my post at this link

Feed point, folded dipole and balun assembly

Finished 12el 23cm Yagi ready for SOTA action

Tripod Camera Mount

Dovetail mount quick release plate

Tripod Camera Mount 42 mm x 42 mm

Homebrew dovetail polypropylene mounting block 42 mm x 42 mm. File a 45 degree edge on two opposite sides to create the dovetail.  You can use a section of cheap kitchen chopping block  🙂

This mount has two dovetail faces on opposite sides. With the polypropylene block locked in place the antenna can be rotated on its axis through 90 degrees, from horizontal to vertical polarisation

 Quick release cam action locks the polypropylene block in place

23cm 12el Yagi tripod mount

23cm SOTA Ops from Mt Coree VK1/AC-023

23cm 12el Yagi DL6WU format

Latest update: small wooden block glued to the boom

small wooden block to help protect the folded dipole and to prevent unnecessary movement

top side

Although not shown in the above picture, the boom now has a generous coating of Cabots Cabothane clear timber varnish.

Post update 9 July 2017:  Homebrew 23 cm 6el Yagi – compact baby brother of the 23 cm 12el Yagi

Element lengths and spacing are the same as the 12el model for the Reflector, Driven element and Directors 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Boom has a generous coating of clear varnish

Compact 23 cm 6el Yagi

23 cm 6el Yagi

Impedance matching balun is a half wave length of RG174 (76 mm) plus ends

1296 MHz folded dipole feed point

1296 MHz folded dipole feed point

Photos: © Copyright 2017 Andrew VK1AD

Published: 29 June 2017
Last Update: 9 July 2017