2m Lightweight Portable Dipole

Lightweight portable QRP 2m & 70cm half wave dipole for SOTA or an emergency antenna for the 2m and 70cm Go-box.


  • Section of nylon kitchen cutting board 50 x 30 mm x 7 mm (2 inch x 1 1/8 inch x 1/4 inch)
  • 2 x 495 mm (19.5 inch) 6 section telescopic antennas with M3 holes
  • 2 x M3 screws 15 mm long with nuts
  • 3 x solder tabs
  • BNC panel socket with M3 holes
  • 2 x M3 screws 10 mm long
  • Balun – Toroid core T37-0 Tan (100 to 300 MHz)
  • Copper wire – 6 bifilar turns of  0.72 mm (21 AWG) winding wire
2m 146 MHz Portable Dipole Antenna Parts

Center insulator can be mounted over a telescopic pole, on camera tripod or hang it from a tree branch.

Balun T1 toroid – T37-0  6 bifilar turns of 21 AWG copper wire (ignore the five turns shown in the diagram)

Toroid balun diagram not to scale
2m portable antenna collapsed length 280 mm (11 inches)

For operation on 144 to 148 MHz, extend each telescopic element to its full length 495 mm (19.5 inches). Center frequency is 146.5 MHz.

SOTA 2m Dipole Antenna
Lightweight 2m 146 MHz portable half wave antenna
SOTA 2n Diopole Antenna
Center insulator assembly
SOTA 2m Dipole Antenna
BALUN – Balanced to Unbalance
BNC socket and balun

VSWR scans with the horizontal antenna 2 metres above ground level. Feedline for the test is LMR195.

VSWR scan at 146.5 MHz, 4 MHz wide
VSWR scan at 146.5 MHz, 2 MHz wide

At 432 MHz the extended antenna is 3/4 wave length (3rd harmonic)

Antenna extended to full length – VSWR scan at 432.5 MHz, 2 MHz wide
Bottom view – Folded for storage in a small container – 110 mm x 70 mm (2 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches).
Top view

Post update:

Version #2 with a tripod mount here

Version #3 using a T37-12 mix toroid here

Last update: 8 November 2019

2 thoughts on “2m Lightweight Portable Dipole

  1. Many thanks for sharing this – I am going to build one of these for myself! I notice in version 3 you changed the torroid mix. I am wondering what the impact of this was? Which should I use if I am using your design?

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