• This blog is about my interests in the amateur radio Summits on the Air (SOTA) award scheme. The scheme provides amateur radio operators the opportunity to combine amateur radio operating techniques in the field, along with bush walking and navigation skills to activate qualifying summits or peaks [Amateur Radio from Mountain Tops]. My aim through this blog is to share my experience with a focus on VK1 Australian Capital Territory and nearby VK2 New South Wales peaks in the Snowy Mountains and Southern Tablelands regions.
  • Before taking up SOTA please ensure you read and understand the VK1 Association Reference Manual (VK1 ARM).
  • If you are planning to activate peaks in the ACT Namadgi National Park please take the time to review John Evan’s blog on bushwalking in Canberra. John has published walks covering most of the ACT peaks.
  • Namadgi NP (VKFF-377) is a registered National Park for the WWFF and VKFF awards program, see Paul’s blog VK5PAS for details of the VKFF and WWFF awards.
  • If you are located in VK1 or in the southern regions of VK2 then consider joining our Groups.io SOTA VK1 Area email group.  Subscribe at: SOTAvk1are+subscribe@groups.io
  • Social gathering. The VK1 group has a regular gathering in Canberra at the Ainslie Football Club where we discuss all manner of SOTA, National Parks, QRP events essentially anything of interest, you are most welcome to join us. Subscribe to the VK1 SOTA Area email group for updates.
  • To see the current SOTA activator activity or latest spots click on this link to SOTAWatch3.

So, you are interested in the outdoors, adventure, operating radios and fitting antennas to squid poles on mountain peaks?  Well, get out of the same old radio shack and take up SOTA. Once bitten by the SOTA bug there is no turning back! Try it, take your radio shack outdoors and live life.

Thank you for visiting this blog and taking interest in the Summits on the Air and National Parks VKFF Award schemes.

Best wishes

Andrew, VK1AD

Get out of the Radio Shack, Copyright © 2013-2023


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Just found your blog and have found it interesting reading about the different antennas you are building and using for vhf and above.

    The one I found most interesting is the 70cm antenna build. The clips are something that I I’d not seen used before and didn’t know even existed. Makes things easier to build and test and retest.

    Was wondering if you had measured the maximum wattage that the 2m and 70cm antennas could handle safely? Interested in using them for rovering here.

    • Hi James, to be honest I have made any attempt to work out the maximum power rating of 3.1 mm (1/8th inch) aluminium rod. I am a QRP operator where most of the time I use no more than 5 watts output, however I have operated my Yaesu FT-857D with both antennas where the power output at 2m was 50 watts and 70cm 20 watts.

      Your observation of sliding the clips to obtain maximum fwd gain and a low VSWR is correct. I trust the blog posts will encourage you to try this method of yagi antenna construction. 🙂

      73 Andrew VK1AD

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