QRP – Chasing SOTA and Parks with 5 watts output

Wednesday 28 December 2016.  Today I attempted to complete my SOTA and VKFF Park chasing with a maximum of 5 watts power output from my Icom IC-7300. Results are shown in the table below.  Between 2300 and 2345 UTC propagation on 40 and 20m was excellent working Matt VK1MA/2 on 40m and later Steve VK7CW…


SOTA Chaser Section – 500 Unique Summits

Saturday 15 November 2014.  Today, during the activation of Blackfellows Hill VK2/SM-033 in the Kosciuszko National Park, I picked up my 500th unique summit, from a contact with Rob VK3EK/P activating Mt Cann VK3/VG-133.     Thanks Rob for two new summits today, Round Top VK3/VG-129 and Mt Cann VG/133. 500 unique summits

VK SOTA and Lighthouses from Broulee

SOTA and Lighthouse (2013) chasing from Broulee, NSW South Coast  International Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend 2013 For a bit of fun I though I might take a consistent approach to this post as for SOTA activations and include data on the HASL. The walk on the beach was a 450 metre hard slog, starting with a descent…