My first outing with VI10SOTA

8 January 2023. In 2023 VK1 is celebrating 10 years of the amateur radio Summits on the Air (SOTA) awards program which for VK1 officially commenced on 1 February 2013.

To help celebrate the 10 year milestone our esteemed local VK1 SOTA Manager, Wade VK1MIC sought and gained permission from the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) for the issue of a special event callsign ‘VI10SOTA’, Victor-India-Ten-SOTA.

Wade kicked off the 10th year celebrations on 1 January 2023 with VI10SOTA by activating Mount Ainslie VK1/AC-040 in the heart of Canberra, Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT).

Yesterday evening I combined VI10SOTA and Mount Stromlo VK1/AC-043 for an opportunity to promote the special event callsign for enthusiastic Dx SOTA chasers to work. My aim was to work Europe long path in the 90 minute window before VK east coast sunset at 0920 UTC or 2020h local time.

In the past week HF propagation conditions have been mixed, my expectations of a good LP opening were tempered by past experiences, nevertheless I was prepared to stick out the activation from 0800 to 0920 UTC and I am glad I did 🙂

Below is an extract of my SOTA activator log and although not the highest number of LP SOTA chaser contacts I have made on 20m SSB. Given the propagation conditions on 20m I am happy with the results of my first outing with VI10SOTA, celebrating 10 years of SOTA in VK1. During this activation I was very pleased to work three JA stations, which is three more than usual.

At 0810 UTC 20m LP propagation paused, there may have been a complete 20m fadeout, did someone turn off the LP switch? 😦 Suddenly at 0840 UTC 20m reopened and I continued to complete a successful activation IMHO 🙂

VI10SOTA on VK1/AC-043 (Mt Stromlo), 08 Jan 2023

07:42ZL1SKL20mSSBSoren s58 r55
07:44JG0AWE20mSSBHiroaki s53 r33
07:45VK6NU20mSSBJohn s56 r41
07:46F4WBN20mSSBChris s58 r55
07:48ZL2STR20mSSBStewart s58 r33
07:50JH1MXV20mSSBHideo s58 r52
07:51ZL2ATH20mSSBWynne s55 r31
07:52UW8SM20mSSBAndri s55 r33
07:53S57S20mSSBAlek s57 r32
07:54ZL3MR20mSSBJohn s59 r42
08:077N1FRE20mSSBKaz s55 r35
08:30VK3PF40mSSBPeter s58 r56
08:37VK2NNN40mSSBDarren s59 r43
08:42OH6GAZ20mSSBJuha s57 r51
08:43SA4BLM20mSSBLars s58 r52
08:532E0YYY/P20mSSBMike s52 r33 portable
08:562E0VRX20mSSBCraig s58 r41
09:14G4OBK20mSSBPhil s58 r44

Countries worked on 20m: New Zealand, Japan, France, Ukraine, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden and the UK. In Australia on 40m and 20m, VK2, VK3 and VK6 🙂

Map courtesy of SOTA Maps

My radio gear: Antenna is a 20m 1/4 wave ground plane with four elevated radials combined with a Yaesu FT-857D @ 25watts. Battery is a 8.4Ah 4S LIFEPO4.

Antenna: 20m 1/4 wave GP