SOTA Mountain Hunter Award – 15 September 2013

Today I received the Mountain Hunter Award certificate for chasing summits in 5 different SOTA associations.  Although I have tried many times to chase associations in countries other than Australia, this award is a result of chasing at least 2 summits in each of 5 Australian (VK) associations.

I started SOTA chasing on 28 September 2012 where the first chase was Peter VK3ZPF on South Hells Gate VK3/VT-059 in Gippsland, Victoria.  In the last 12 months I have chased 87 different activators on 198 unique summits.

The Mountain Hunter award date 15 September 2013 is attributed to the contact with Glenn VK4FSCC on Mt Mary Smokes VK4/SE-041 in South-East Queensland.

VK1NAM Mountain Hunter Award (all bands) Status = Bronze

Association(s) Chased All Bands Summits
VK1 – Australia – Capital Territory 29
VK2 – Australia – NSW 34
VK3 – Australia – Victoria 117
VK4 – Australia – Queensland 2
VK5 – Australia – South Australia 15
VK1NAM Mountain Hunter award 30 September 2013

VK1NAM SOTA Mountain Hunter award 15 September 2013


4 thoughts on “SOTA Mountain Hunter Award – 15 September 2013

    • Hi Paul thanks, chasing SOTA stations is an interesting part of the hobby particularly when the chaser opts for a QRP contact. QRO chasing is easy while QRP offers a real challenge to the chaser. VK4 SOTA has gone quiet since September! Its a pity as VK4 chasing from the southern states was presenting many challenges due to the distance involved. Often the VK4 signals were close to the local noise floor and so chasers were opting to head for the hills or local parks to get away from their local QRM. 🙂
      Andrew, VK1NAM

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